Vision & Mission

Focus on the plant, focus on the customer.

What happens when you put one hundred percent effort into the quality of the plant and the customer’s wishes? In the world of plant cultivation, we see that exporters and nurseries mainly focus on market-conform pricing. Many nurseries therefore not only hire people with plant knowledge but also those who understand the sales world.

Products that sell themselves

But what if we focused less on sales and more on building a good relationship with the customer and the quality of the plant? GP Powerplants has more people in the field than salespeople with customers. Our team is closer to the process from cutting to full-grown plant than in sales mode with the customer. We believe our products sell themselves because we are fully committed to both plant-friendliness and customer-friendliness.

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Proud grower of plants that make everyone happy!

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Our guarantees

Quality and assurances we stand by

At GP Powerplants, we guarantee reliability and meticulousness, with attention to detail and quality. Our specialised employees work quickly and efficiently without compromising the care of each plant. We believe in customer friendliness and create space for personal contact, serving our customers with pleasure and expertise.

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Reliable &

With attention to detail and appreciation for every new detail of a growing plant. Our mission is to make as many people happy as possible. We work quickly but never at the expense of quality.

Quick & careful

Without becoming too perfectionistic, we still ensure the quality of every plant. With our specialised team, modern machinery, and a hefty dose of passion.

Friendly &

We take the time for a chat. GP Powerplants believes in both plant and customer friendliness. By looking around us more and watching the clock less, we create the best work -- with joy!


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Our plants are characterised by their exceptional durability, natural appeal, and great ornamental value.

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Our plants are distinctive.

Every day, we work on the growth and blooming of plants with very strong genetics. This vitality translates into the biggest flowers and the most cheerful colours. Our plants are known for their longevity, natural character, and significant ornamental value.


Our pots are plant-friendly.

Our plants come in the most environmentally friendly pots, made of over 80% recyclable material and without any harmful substances. All of our pots feature a calming taupe colour and include a plant passport.


Our sleeves fit perfectly.

The sleeves we use reflect our friendly and cheerful approach. Our ‘goodie’ sleeves fit pots of 10.5 cm, while our ‘happiness’ sleeves are for 12 cm pots. These sleeves are also eco-friendly, with a sleek and neat appearance. Everything for a healthy plant and a happy customer.